Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Golden Goddess Nails Tutorial

Hi Guys! We hope you liked the Christmas Nails competition last week! As you know 10 winners were selected to have their fantastic manicures showcased here on the elf blog, and in addition to reward them for their efforts, they will each receive a gorgeous bottle of our "Product of the Week - Golden Goddess"

You can see the winning photos here in our nail gallery.

Anyway we were really impressed by all the entries and so we have been inspired to have a little bash at creating a gorgeous manicure using Golden Goddess ourselves! Please check out our photos below and our little tutorial on how we achieved this simple but elegant look.

How to get these nails:

Step one: Apply two thin coats of the base colour. We used elf nail polish in Nude.

Tip: Always use a base coat before applying nail polish to protect the nails from staining and help your manicure last longer.

Step two: Paint the tips of your nails in a light gold polish, this will help enhance the finish of your Golden Goddess tips. We used elf nail polish in Moonlight.

Tip: To get a perfect smile line hold the brush horizontally against the nail tip and gently follow the natural curve of your nail.

Step three: In the same way that we've just painted the tips, do the same and go over it with a coat of Golden Goddess. Your nails should now look something like this.

Step four: Next we used elf nail polish in Twinkle a clear based multi glitter polish, to blend out the harsh lines between the tip and nail bed. Gently apply Twinkle in a stippling motion over the tip and and about half way down the nail bed. Your nails should resemble something like this, and we're almost done!

To Finish: Apply a coat of Clear top coat, this final step will help even out the surface of the nail for a flawlessly glossy and high shine finish!

Well that's it ladies, we hope you like them! If you haven't gotten your hands on the gorgeous Golden Goddess yet, then they are available from for £1.50! Why not stock up on a few more other polishes too and join in in the nail art fun and have a go at creating some amazing looks yourself!

e.l.f x


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