Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Detox your skin with elf Mineral Makeup!

 Hi Guys!

I hope everyone has or is at least thinking about accepting our third NYNY Challenge!

We're in the mood for a skin detox in the elf office and elf minerals are 100% Natural and all Paraben, Preservatives and Chemical Dye free which means it's the ideal solution for look good and feel good skin!

Barely there makeup is great for a daytime look, and minerals will give you a weightlessly, fresh faced look! It's like your skin but better :)

Please watch our video demonstration of our extensive mineral range. Just a quick one to show you all the coverage and application.

Products used in this video include:

Thanks for reading guys, we hope the video was helpful and please do submit your photos to us via our Facebook Page. As usual please state in in your comments which elf products were used to create your mineral look! 

Our favourite photos will be selected to showcase here in our Hall of Fame Gallery.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's time for the third NYNY Challenge Ladies!

Get your Kabuki Brushes ready girls because this week we're gonna ditch the foundation and and buff our faces for a flawless complexion with Mineral Makeup!

Yes that's right! We're going for the barely there, nude look! Think natural, healthy and radiantly glowing complexions!

'Barely there' may be scary but when done right it can have a really big impact! PLUS your skin will thank you for it as Mineral Makeup is gentle on the skin as it contains no parabens, preservatives or harsh chemicals!

Elf have a fantastic range of Mineral Makeup to get you started in your Skin Detox mission! Check it out now at the Elf Minerals Page.

Not sure how to wear Mineral Makeup? Then watch this space! a video guide is coming soon!

Don't forget to send your photos to us via our wall on Facebook! Just make sure to mention the Elf Products used to create your look! You never know you may make our 'Hall of Fame' Next week!

Thanks for reading guys!


e.l.f x

NYNY Challenge No.2! Who's made it to the Hall of Fame?

Hi  Guys! 

Its time to reveal our favourite photos from the elf NYNY Challenge!  Last week we challenged you all to brave the cateye look and see how creative you can get with your eyeliners. 

So here are our top pics for the Hall of Fame Gallery (see Hall of Fame Tab Above). We just thought we'd give a little feedback to why these lovely ladies has been chosen!

so here goes...

Beth Carleton: Its easy to see why Beth made it into our "Hall of Fame" with her High Precision eyeliner and creativity! We absolutely love the Leopard print detail and definition of the eyes. Recreate this look with Elf studio Cream liner. If you fancy being a little brave why not attempt to recreate the leopard print with some gold or copper eyeshadow and some black eyeliner. Shop our wide range of eyeshadows at www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

Dunja Auror Kupina's heavy liner is dramatic yet subtle somehow, we love the way she's angled it at the corners for an edgy look. Achieve this look using Elf Cream liner for a jet black finish or if you prefer a not so dramatic look opt for the elf waterproof eyeliner pen for more control and precise line.

Dyna: Well done to Dyna for creating a perfect cateye. We love that shes brought the liner to the inner and outer corners for a purrfectly feline look!

Elena Rosenberg's delicate take on the winged liner is subtle but equally beautiful! We love that her flick follows the natural shape of her eyes giving them great definition and shape!

Julia Minuti: We almost fell in love with Julia when we saw her photo! Her softly lined eyes, glowy skin and soft pink lips gave this whole look a very whimsical feel! We love it!

Kristy Shipman: Congratulations to Kristy who made it to our Hall of Fame two times running! Her olive green liner had us captivated!
We think colour is a really clever way to update a classic look! Why not check out our range of Coloured cream liners or Shimmer eyeliner pencils. Kristy used Elf Waterproof eyeliner in hunter Green.

Marie Louise Clausen: Another second timer! Marie won us over again with her perfectly lined eyes and splash of bright colour against her gorgeous ocean blue eyes! Who says Blue and Green should never be seen? We say break the mould! and rightly so!

Mona Šćasni: We liked this photo because Mona was not afraid to extend the liner and elongate the eyes with a longer flick! it really opens up the shape of her eyes, this is a really good trick for people with narrow set eyes as the extended corners give off the illusion of wider set eyes! :)

Taylor Tunno: WHOOT WHIU! *thats us Whistling*  what a sexy look Taylor has managed to achieve with full, flirtatious lashes and cleverly lined eyes! Starting off thin at the inner corner and gradually building in depth at the outer corners! VERY Angelina Jolie like don't you think!?

Ira Sanja: Again great definition and simplistic look. We love the defined brows, long and curled lashes for a wide eye look.

Well that's the round up guys! Hope you enjoyed it! Please check back later for the reveal of the third Challenge!


elf x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

How To : NYNY Cateye Challenge

Hi Guys!

Just to remind you the New Year New You Challenge (NYNYC) is still underway and we're getting in some lovely cateye or winged liner looks already! 

But if you haven't taken part yet or dont know what the New Year New You Challenges are all about, then please read all about it here!

If you would like to take part but am a little bit apprehensive at using eyeliner then please dont be! The New Year New You is all about trying new things! 

If you're not sure how to use a liner or how to create the Cat eye look why  not take some inspiration and hints from Michael James who has done a tutorial on a beautiful Winged eyes look! :o)

The Elf Products used to create this look are

The Elf Tools Used:

If you would like to be featured in our NYNY Challenge Hall of fame Gallery please just submit your challenge accepted photos of your look to us via our wall on Facebook. Please dont forget to mention in your entry which Elf Products were used to create your look!

Looking forward to seeing some more winged liner photos from you all!

Thanks for reading!
Elf x
PS: To see the Hall of Fame Gallery of our fave Photos from Challenge 1: Bold Lipstick please see the link here.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lipstick Challenge: Our Favourite Pics!

Hi Guys!

Thank you so much for taking part in our first New Year New You Challenge! As promised we have selected a few of our favourite pics to showcase here on the blog! We are loving all you brave ladies out there, you have really mastered the art of bold lipstick down to a tee!

It was a tough one, but here are our fave pics!

Dea Marcela Tuns fresh dewy face and fuschia Pink lips had all of us oohing and ahhing. Achieve this look with Elf Personal Blend Foundation and elf Lipstick in Sociable.

Gabriela Barreirr's photo won us over with her 1940's look, we're definitely feeling a bit of a Dita Von Teese's 'sexy starlet' vibe going on! Gorgeous! Gabriela is wearing Elf Lipstick in Royal Red.

Isabelle Bellsi - We love that Isabelle has matched her "Fearless" lips so perfectly with her scarlet red nails! Recreate this look with Elf Lipstick in Fearless and Nail polish in light red!

Jana Lyons wearing elf lipstick in Posh! We think it looks fab against her porcelain skin!

I.R Pale wearing elf lipstick in Royal Red, looking gorgeous with simple eye make up and luscious long lashes! Recreate this with Elf Lipstick in Royal Red and Studio Lengthening and Volumising Mascara.

Kristy Shipman's perfectly lined lips really gives the statement lips look a polished finish! We love it! Achieve this look with Elf Elf Lipstick in Fearless and Studio Lip Liner And Blend Brush in red.

Lara Azzopardi is wearing elf lipstick in Sociable - a fuschia pink that is bold but really flattering at the same time with it's cool undertones. Check out her blog here.


Marie Louise Clausen is also wearing elf lipstick in sociable but she has given it a glossy boost with a slick of glossy gloss! Achieve this look with elf Lipstick in Sociable and elfs Super Glossy Lipshine in Angel.

Misslittlesnail we love this cute little montage of our lipstick in gypsy a divine plum shade. Check out her blog here.

Raquel Coelho: A really creative and on trend way to wear lipstick! We love Raquels fruity cocktail of orange and cherry! Achieve this look with elf mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry and elf lipstick in posh!

Sefora Scicluna: Beautiful barely there, flawless makeup with a a slick of classic red lipstick! We know an effortless beauty when we see one! Achieve this look using elf studio lipstick in rip rose.

Thats it ladies! We hope you enjoyed taking part in this challenge! don't forget to submit your photos for our current winged liner challenge. It could be your face featured here next time! :)

If you have been featured here and would like us to link to your blog or social media channels, please drop us a link in the comment box below :)

Thanks for reading guys!