Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lipstick Challenge: Our Favourite Pics!

Hi Guys!

Thank you so much for taking part in our first New Year New You Challenge! As promised we have selected a few of our favourite pics to showcase here on the blog! We are loving all you brave ladies out there, you have really mastered the art of bold lipstick down to a tee!

It was a tough one, but here are our fave pics!

Dea Marcela Tuns fresh dewy face and fuschia Pink lips had all of us oohing and ahhing. Achieve this look with Elf Personal Blend Foundation and elf Lipstick in Sociable.

Gabriela Barreirr's photo won us over with her 1940's look, we're definitely feeling a bit of a Dita Von Teese's 'sexy starlet' vibe going on! Gorgeous! Gabriela is wearing Elf Lipstick in Royal Red.

Isabelle Bellsi - We love that Isabelle has matched her "Fearless" lips so perfectly with her scarlet red nails! Recreate this look with Elf Lipstick in Fearless and Nail polish in light red!

Jana Lyons wearing elf lipstick in Posh! We think it looks fab against her porcelain skin!

I.R Pale wearing elf lipstick in Royal Red, looking gorgeous with simple eye make up and luscious long lashes! Recreate this with Elf Lipstick in Royal Red and Studio Lengthening and Volumising Mascara.

Kristy Shipman's perfectly lined lips really gives the statement lips look a polished finish! We love it! Achieve this look with Elf Elf Lipstick in Fearless and Studio Lip Liner And Blend Brush in red.

Lara Azzopardi is wearing elf lipstick in Sociable - a fuschia pink that is bold but really flattering at the same time with it's cool undertones. Check out her blog here.


Marie Louise Clausen is also wearing elf lipstick in sociable but she has given it a glossy boost with a slick of glossy gloss! Achieve this look with elf Lipstick in Sociable and elfs Super Glossy Lipshine in Angel.

Misslittlesnail we love this cute little montage of our lipstick in gypsy a divine plum shade. Check out her blog here.

Raquel Coelho: A really creative and on trend way to wear lipstick! We love Raquels fruity cocktail of orange and cherry! Achieve this look with elf mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry and elf lipstick in posh!

Sefora Scicluna: Beautiful barely there, flawless makeup with a a slick of classic red lipstick! We know an effortless beauty when we see one! Achieve this look using elf studio lipstick in rip rose.

Thats it ladies! We hope you enjoyed taking part in this challenge! don't forget to submit your photos for our current winged liner challenge. It could be your face featured here next time! :)

If you have been featured here and would like us to link to your blog or social media channels, please drop us a link in the comment box below :)

Thanks for reading guys!



  1. Wow that was lovely to see my lips here! LOL! ;-) You had a great idea to put my nickname on the photo, I wonder why I didn't think about it first! :-)
    So this is the direct link to my blog:
    thanks for this! You guys rock! cheers from Italy! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my photo elf!!! That means a lot to me :) Will post a pic of the current challenge later on today hopefully :)

  3. Thanks for selecting my pic :) (I.R.Pale)

  4. Some of these pics are really nice. I like the lipstick color very much. Thanks and keep sharing!


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