Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Detox your skin with elf Mineral Makeup!

 Hi Guys!

I hope everyone has or is at least thinking about accepting our third NYNY Challenge!

We're in the mood for a skin detox in the elf office and elf minerals are 100% Natural and all Paraben, Preservatives and Chemical Dye free which means it's the ideal solution for look good and feel good skin!

Barely there makeup is great for a daytime look, and minerals will give you a weightlessly, fresh faced look! It's like your skin but better :)

Please watch our video demonstration of our extensive mineral range. Just a quick one to show you all the coverage and application.

Products used in this video include:

Thanks for reading guys, we hope the video was helpful and please do submit your photos to us via our Facebook Page. As usual please state in in your comments which elf products were used to create your mineral look! 

Our favourite photos will be selected to showcase here in our Hall of Fame Gallery.


  1. I am planning to get the mineral starter kit and give it a go. Never tried it before :)

  2. I love the idea of elf-makeup. affordable, fun products and nice packaging. but I suppose you get what you pay for, and even though I like the products I've already bought, I'm not going to buy anymore since mineral oil is used in almost everything, even the "natural" mineral line, and in the so called oil-free foundation. no thanks. I'll keep looking though, maybe you'll change your formulas!

  3. Already submitted :) - on Sunday http://mmumaailm.blogspot.com/2012/01/elf-nyny-challenge-no-3-mineral-makeup.html

    Ano, there is no oil in the mineral foundation, just bismuth that some ppl can be allergic to. Oil-free flawles face foundation is so oily, that I recommend it to people with extremely dry skin.

  4. I love mineral makeup. the only thing I wear. But I don't like that you have bismuth in your products. That is an ingredient you should avoid when buying and using mineral makeup


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