Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Join in the fun with e.l.f Matte Lip Colour

Hi Guys
I hope you're all enjoying the new layout of the blog! We've decided to revamp it a little bit! What do you guys think?

Today's post is going to be short and sweet! We just wanted to remind you to take part in our photo submissions competition! 

If you would like to be featured in our Mid Week Mailer today all you need to do is join in the fun and submit a photo to our Facebook Page of you rocking your favourite Studio Matte Lip Colour!

From top to bottom: Coral, Natural, Tea Rose and Praline

Here are the girls in the office rocking the four fabulous shades!


Sam is wearing Natural which is exactly what it says on the "Stick" a gorgeous, natural pink shade, Dorian is sporting Tea Rose a rich Mauve, Amy is looking sweet as pie in Coral, and I opted for Praline a Classy Brown.

So girls if you fancy being in our mailer where your face will be seen by thousands of adorning fans, get submitting now!

Thanks for reading!

Kamen x


  1. i can't wait to place my next order so i can try tea rose!

    1. Fab! Post us a pic when you do! would love to see too! :)

  2. really want to try coral and natural:) <--- check out my blog, vote in the poll:)

  3. I wish the studio matte lip colour was on for longer as I don't get paid until Friday. I NEED these in my life! I want to try them all.

    1. Aww we're sorry that you missed out on the offer! This one was on for a limited time as it was an exclusive one. However we run regular promos, so hopefully you'll catch the next one! If you sign up to the newsletter on the website then you'll be able to receive the offer updates as soon as they're released! Make sure u don't miss out on any more lol!

      I checked out your blog btw! Looks really cute! :)


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