Wednesday, 13 June 2012

We've expanded the e.l.f Cosmetics Range! Check it out!

e.l.f Cosmetics are forever looking at ways to improve our already great product range and expand our collections. So when these new items were released we were ecstatic and jumped at the chance to bring these to you in UK and EU!

So without further ado ladies we introduce to you the all new Premium Essentials Range! A range of essential products at fantastic prices starting at £2.50! 

Take a look at the amazing new items we pulled fresh from the delivery van (the next most popular van after Mr Food van.)

We just wanted to talk you through these new products so you can see just how exciting they are!

Up first we have the e.l.f Primer Eyeshadow! As these are an eyeshadow and primer built in one, these makeup gems have incredible staying power! They mean business! Once it goes on, it stays put! Its dries in next to nothing time and gives a gorgeous molten metal finish! Divine! Wear them on their own or under a shadow for a more intense and dramatic look!
*NEW e.l.f Primer Eyeshadow, £2.50 each
e.l.f Primer Eyeshadow swatches! My Favourite has to be Coco Loco! Divine...

Next, we have the e.l.f Glitter Eyeshadows in 5 amazing new shades! These vibrant and pigmented formulas contains glittery sparkles for a sexy shimmer. Build up the colour for a glitz and glam look or apply with your fingers for a more subtle effect. These could also be used wet for an even more intense look.
NEW* e.l.f Glitter Eyeshadows, £2.50

NEW* e.l.f Glitter Eyeshadow swatches. Beachey Chic is perfect for a bold Summer look.

Last but not least, feast your eyes on the new e.l.f Shimmer Glosses! These high shine glosses have a lightweight formula and will give your lips a sexy 3 dimensional look!

e.l.f Shimmer Lip Gloss, £2.50

We know it can be tricky to a capture a good swatch of lipstick/gloss unless we put them on! SO just for you we've tried them all on just to show you! Selfless! See how much we love you all? hehe.

Ahh these are so great! All the colours are super wearable and I cant decide if my fave is Inspire, Dream or Love! What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading guys!


Kamen x


  1. The primer eyeshadows look awesome!

  2. God, I love Coco Loco, the best color ever..
    On the other hand Beachey Chic looks stunning.. And the night owl, too..
    Oh, well, I'll buy them all..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I feel like I need all 4 primers in my life. They look amazing.

  4. oooh, everything looks amazing :)

  5. I love the primer eyeshadows they look so nice :) xx

  6. Bring these to canada Please:)

  7. Sorry meant I cant wait for these to get to canada, esp the eye primers..gorgeous:)

  8. UH I LOVE the eyeshadow primers! Especially coco loco and MistY mauve!

  9. Looks like most of you guys are loving Coco Loco aswell! It's amazing! My fave out of the four too! :)

  10. Such gorgeous colours! *runs and hides purse*

  11. Sexy silver and coco loco is mine!

  12. Cant wait to get my hands on the primer eyeshadows! xx

  13. The eye products look amazing! I want all of the primers :)

  14. The primer eye shadows look amazing!


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