Monday, 20 August 2012

e.l.f Live Twitter Chat: The Highlights

Date: Friday. 17.08.2012
Time: 1hr. 4pm – 5pm
Topic: Idea’s for an e.l.f. Blogger Program

Last week we had a very in depth Twitter chat on the possibility for an e.l.f Blogger program. We asked bloggers whether they thought this would be something of interest and asked them for their ideas on what they believed would be a fun, helpful and attractive program and things that they would like to see included! Here are the highlights of all your thoughts and feedback!

·      Beth Mars ‏@BethaneyMars @ELFCosmeticsUK: Ooh that sounds great! Hmm I would like to see the odd freebie and maybe some blog sharing on the site :)
·      Kelsey Shepherd ‏@KelseyShepherd @ELFCosmeticsUK:I would definitely take part in a blogger program. Especially including pre-release items

·      Alice Maclennan ‏@AliceM_x @ELFCosmeticsUK: Chance to buy products before everyone else.

·      Perdita's Pursuits ‏@Perditaspursuit @ELFCosmeticsUK #elfchat: Networking events where bloggers can try products, discuss then blog.

·      Jayne ‏@JayneBecca @ELFCosmeticsUK: I think it would be a good way to connect to bloggers :) #elfchat

·      Naomi & Jean ‏@NaomiandJean: Bloggers + Elf = beauty match made in heaven! Guest blog contributors, pre-release samples, NYC blogger meet-ups!

·      Ellie and Maisie ‏@EllieandMaisie @ELFCosmeticsUK: I would just like my writing to be read, and gain followers. I live for fashion writing, it's my thing!

·      Ellie and Maisie ‏@EllieandMaisie @ELFCosmeticsUK:Thanks! I'd love that, because I'd love to be discovered! I can't wait for this to happen! 

·      Penny Golightly ‏@PennyGolightly @ELFCosmeticsUK: I'd love the chance to try new products and specific shades please.

·      jaysola. ‏@avecjayj @ELFCosmeticsUK: Make items available exclusively for members of your blogger program? as a writer, photo posts are my favourite.

In reference to what might bloggers want to gain from being part of a blogger program:

·      Ms Goriami ‏@goriami @ELFCosmeticsUK: Exposure - RT's links to blogs from your site.
·      CB ‏@CB_157 @ELFCosmeticsUK: Recognition and support about what to blog about what people like/dislike
·      Beth Mars ‏@BethaneyMars :@ELFCosmeticsUK @msbeautyholic I’m really excited :) it’s always hard when youre starting off blogging/vlogging help is always good!

Amongst all this chat and positive feedback for a blogger program, we also floated the idea for picking a “Blogger of the Month” to be featured on our elf platforms for a month, here is what you guys thought:

·      Ms Goriami ‏@goriami @ELFCosmeticsUK: Yes I think I probably would {be interested} - but it would depend a bit on how you were going to pick them.

·      Stavroula ‏@DrugstoreBLover @ELFCosmeticsUK: It would be great if you chose different girls of different age and ethnicity, so that you can satisfy almost everyone :)

·      Stavroula ‏@DrugstoreBLover @ELFCosmeticsUK: I know, so it would be great to see reviews from girls with pale skin, darker skin, asian skin etc! ;) Fab idea Elf!!

·      Becca Holmes ‏@BeautyAddictB88 @ELFCosmeticsUK: That sounds like a really good idea and gives a lot of bloggers the chance to be involved each month.

To sum it up it seems like an elf blogger program is definitely something we should be doing. We would love to create a network of bloggers, new or established and give everyone the opportunity to work with elf. Whether its writing a guest post for elf, or featuring elf products the possibilities are endless!

We feel the subject still needs to be discussed further, one hour wasn’t enough time at all! How about extending this conversation for this weeks elf chat? Join us again for part 2 at 4pm this Friday 24th August for another brainstorm!

Thanks for reading guys!

e.l.f x


  1. I would really like a product that was made ​​for young people. a light and neutral. maybe a concealer or foundation, which also prevents acne :)

  2. Love the idea of this Blogger program! I would definitely be interested in doing it, I absolutely love ELF! I'll be there at 4 on Friday, so gutted I missed the last one :(

  3. A blogger program is definitely something I'm interested in, and the ideas put forward so far sound exciting. I think I may have to make time to join in next week's chat!

    Emily Jane xo

  4. Such a great load of ideas for this programme. I can't wait to see where this goes :) Still loving ELF by the way xx


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