Tuesday, 25 September 2012

e.lf. Must Haves as suggested by YOU!

Hi guys!

Earlier today we asked our Fans on Facebook what your e.l.f Must Haves are and why! We also promised to pick one contributor to win £20 worth of elf products!

We've had some great response and its been great fun to read! Check out what others are saying about our products and why they love them!

Jasmina Chehlarova Blushing and Bronzing Duo to maintain my already fading summer glow.

Alieshia Wilson The eyelid primer in sheer. It is the best eye primer I have ever used. I wear it every single day and it keeps my eye shadows completely crease free. I would pay 10 times more for this product, it is that good. It is the only make-up product I have purchased more than 4 times in a row and counting...... 
Kirstine Korsager Personal blend foundation in light! Use it everyday, it almost feels like not wearing any! just perfect! 

Ellie Mitchell Wet Gloss Lash And Brow Clear Mascara! Its amazing and keeps my eyebrows in place all day,they don't move,its amazing!:)
Danielle Barr My must have, which I've just re-ordered with your AMAZING offer is the claryifying pressed powder (in rosy beige) as it it light and fresh on my skin, gives it a natural glow, perfect coverage and eliminates any shine and redness..
Ailsa Docherty Black cream eyeliner! I'm a make up artist and its the only black liner I will ever use! I recommend it to all my clients. I use it in place of kohl, liquid and gel because it does everything so well. It's so light and once it sets it will not budge. I didn't think I'd ever be so enthusiastic about one simple product but I can't live without it now.
Paola Colom studio blush in candid coral, I believe it suits most skin tones and even when it looks a bit summery for some people to me it gives me that extra glow and blush-y cheeks colour even in this rainy days... it's sooo pretty!
Jessica De La Torre Mineral Primer, is a MUST HAVE! Besides making skin feel loved, works with any foundation, makes velvet smooth skin and no worries for creasing or fading. Cant live without it!
Philippa Smith It has to be the Studio Eyebrow Lifter And Filler. It doesn't matter how well I do the rest of my make up, it could be immaculate, I would still look like an absolute freak without the eyebrow pencil as I practically have no eyebrows!! I get lots of compliments on my eyebrows and asked how I get them into such a nice shape. I'm always honest and say they are drawn on but it's just shows how good the pencil is that people think they are my real brows! I literally wouldn't manage without it, it is a total essential to my daily routine!

We loved all your fabulous suggestions and it was hard picking one winner from them all but after much deliberation the winner goes to Kim Mahon! Check out what her e.l.f Must have item is!
Have you been inspired? Don't forget that you can shop you can shop all of the above plus more at elf cosmetics this week using 1 of 3 fabulous codes! 
Thanks for reading guys and hope you enjoy our week of fantastic offers!



  1. Gorgeous picks, i really want to try the eyelid primer!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Oh that eyelid primer is pure perfection! It lasts hours longer than my other (more expensive) one. And my eyelids are not easy to work with. :D
    And Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm should be on that list too! :D

  3. ho quasi tutti i prodotti che ci hai mostrato e mi trovo davvero bene!

    se ti va passa da me, c'è un nuovo post! ti aspetto!

  4. Ho sentito proprio parlare bene dell'eye primer :) lo proverò!


  5. awesome...i would love to try each and everything....


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