Thursday, 18 October 2012

How much is your Face worth?

We've been seeing a lot of "How much is your face worth" posts floating around the blogmosphere lately with gorgeous girlies declaring how much their daily makeup routine costs them and this has given us a bright little idea!

Now we all know e.l.f is a beauty brand with quality products at pocket friendly prices, but have you ever sat down and worked out how much you could save if you swapped that expensive high street brand for an elf alternative?

Well we thought it would be interesting to find out! For a bit of fun we would like you to submit a photo of you wearing your everyday make up along with the total cost and list of products that you use everyday!

We will then take a look at your list and our clever little elves will help you find your elf budget alternatives! Our favourites will be featured here and we will pick 3 lucky winners to win their elf Alternatives! Whoop!

 Sound like fun? This is what you need to do to join in!
  1. Take a photo of you wearing your everyday Make up.
  2. Take a photo of all the make up products used.
  3. Make a list of all the items you have used including the price of each item.
  4. Send your Photos and list to
Just for fun I've worked out my elf face value which comes to £33.50! Not bad at all for a whole face!
My elf everyday makeup!
All this for just £33.50!
 Products featured above include:
So get your make up faces ready guys we can't wait to see your faces and start helping you guys save money!

The competition is open to UK and the following:
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark^ (inc Faroe Islands and Greenland), Croatia, Cyprus,  Estonia^, Finland^, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greece^, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland^ (Republic of), Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia^, Liechenstein, Lithuania^, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, NORWAY# (inc Spitzbergen),  Portugal^, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia^, Sweden^, Turkey, Ukraine.

Closing Date for submissions : 9am BST 25. 10. 2012


  1. I never think about it, how much my everyday make up costs, but now I make a little count. Hope so that e.l.f. have great alternative for me :) Also, like an idea very,very

  2. Amazing!! My face will go to your email soon :)

  3. I never realised how much my face was when all the products are on! Could you possibly check out my blog?
    I have a few elf reviews and would love you to check them out! :) I love your mini competitions! they are so amazing! :o)

  4. Elf for life!!!!


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