Friday, 9 November 2012

Distribeauty supports Children in Need with "BearFaces"

I think I speak for most in the elf office that we love our makeup! I can't remember the last time that I walked out of the house Bare Faced!

But Today in the name of Children in need, we brave ladies are facing our worst nightmares and going "BearFaced" to help raise money for the fantastic Charity!

Today all the elf ladies will be walking around with not a scrap of makeup on our faces! Without sounding dramatic at all this is painful for us! ESPECIALLY since we are surrounded by so much amazing make up here at e.l.f HQ!

All our family and friends have been supporting us with their donations and so far we have a raised a humble £35 since this morning and its still increasing!  You can donate to Children in Need via their website here:

I know you'll all be dying to see our before and after photos so here they are and please be kind...

Here are the elf ladies looking lovely in their elf makeup:

From L to R : Sara from Customer Services, Kelly from Finance, Amy & Kamen from Marketing and Naomi from Design.

and here are we all braving "BearFaces"

BearFaced from L to R: Kamen, Amy, Sara, Kelly and Naomi.

You can read up on or join in the fun of the "BearFaced Campaign" by visiting the Official BBC Children in Need website for more details!

Will you be going "BearFaced" Today too? We'd love to see photos if so! Please send them to our Facebook Page!

Thanks for reading guys!

Kamen x


  1. You all look amazing bare faced! X

    1. Aw thank you Taylor! You have made the ladies very happy! :)

  2. You all look even prettier 'bear-faced'! Honestly! Gorgeous girls :)

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