Wednesday, 8 February 2012

COMING SOON: 6 in 1 Storage Case!

Hi Guys! We're really excited as we've just received the memo of some of the fantastic products that may be making their way to us soon!

We cant wait to show you whats in store! Up first is the much anticipated 6 in 1 Storage Case! We have had some feedback regarding the issue of loose palettes and here is the perfect solution to your problems! Yay! 

We think the case is super chic! It just looks so lovely! We've fallen in love with the elf 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go all over again!

Check it out in action in our video on Youtube! 

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  1. Oh! They look so good!

  2. Yay, my box is currently getting battered. So this is a good edition to the elf collection.

  3. Oh i cant wait!:D

  4. I look forward to being able to buy this product!
    I tested a lot of your products!

  5. Looks good!

  6. been waiting for this to come! I have like 8 beauty to go palettes! Yay

  7. Thank you for listening to our feedback and stocking this!! It almost makes an entirely new product out of our beauty on the go's- by making it into one gorgeous palette but still the option of popping just one into the single case! Brilliant!x

  8. Any more information when this 6-in-1 case is coming?


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