Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Favourites: NEW e.l.f Polish Giveaway

Hi guys!

It's Friday! This weeks Friday Faves goes to the 3 new e.l.f Polishes! These hot new shades are the PERFECT Summer Shades! 

We love them all! Wear them on their own or mix it up like we have here...

Or be really snazzy and do ombre nails! For a tutorial please see our video here.

To win a set of the new Summer shades this week all you have to do is be a follower of our blog and submit a photo of your BEST Nail Art to us via our Facebook Wall!

We will pick our favourite on Monday!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Friday guys!

Kamen x


  1. I have been dying for some new polishes! Lovely summery shades!


  2. Those are no Ombre-Nails.. the Nail Art you are showing in your picture is called Gradient Nails...

    1. what would you describe as ombre nails??? i thought ombre meant shading or a graduation of colour?

    2. kristy79s you are right. But some call the nails where the graduation of colour happens on one nail for gradient nails. And the other where the color changes from nail to nail they call ombre.

    3. @kristy79s Here is a nice explanation -->

    4. i think there are a lot more people/blogs/videos etc that call the gradient technique ombre nails so seems perfectly ok to use that term in popular language...

  3. Love these shades !!! I have entered :) Check out the team GB nails i created :)xxx

  4. Fantastic!! :)

  5. beautiful ...

  6. I have these exact colors. Only thing I wish they dried awhole lot faster. For some reason when I changed my nail polish color 2weeks after the smokin hot nailpoish stained my nails and my skin. I even applied a base coat. =(

  7. it's so beautiful <3 i love those collors :-)


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