Monday, 14 November 2011

Beauty on the go Volume 2: Office Perks

The "Office Look"
With the weekend now long gone, we had a bit of fun in the office by experimenting with some make up looks! We had a go using palette 1 from the beauty on the go collection because it has a selection of natural nudes that are perfect to wear in the office but also a few pretty shimmers to lighten it up for a perky look.

How we created the Office Look:

The lovely Adele before:

and after:

Colour’s used


Base Colour: Swatch 3

Lids: Swatch 7 + 9 + 4

Lower lash line: Swatch 10

Lips: Swatch 12

Cheeks: Swatch 13

Step 1:

Apply a base colour over the entire lid area. We used a soft, pale cream from the palette (Swatch 3).

Step 2:

Apply a sheer, nude shade to the entire lid bringing it up to the socket line.

Step 3:

Next take a darker shade and apply along the crease, and blend well into the socket line. For this step we chose a shimmery, copper, brown (Swatch 9).

Step 4:

Take an eye shadow brush and dot a shimmery gold (we used swatch 4) to the center of the lid to add depth to the eyes.

Step 5:

Load an eyeliner brush with a powder brown eye shadow and line the outer corners of the lower lash line (for this step we used swatch 10). Next finish the eyes with a brown eyeliner, and a coat of mascara.

Step 6

Apply a natural blush to the cheeks. Try to apply it to the hollows of your cheek for a more defined look.

Step 7:

Using a lip brush, apply a nude gloss to the lips to finish the look.

Hope you liked our second beauty on the go look! Watch this space for our next beauty on the go look!

e.l.f x


  1. That looks really nice... she is beautiful :) xxx

  2. You should have recreated the look step by step as you did in the Shopping Spree Look.


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