Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Studio Glossy Gloss Swatches Vol. 1: Pinks

Hey Ladies, have you seen the new Studio Range Glossy Glosses yet?

A girl can never have too many Lip Glosses! Especially when there are so many new gorgeous colour's to chose from! We literally got the whole office ooh'ing and ahh'ing when we whipped out these little beauties! Everything from the colour, texture right down to gloss factor screams must have! And for £3.50 you can not go wrong!

The Range: 10 new Glossy Shades
Complete New Range of Glossy Glosses from L to R: Wild Watermelon, Pink Candy, Sweet Salmon, Dragonfruit, Merry Cherry, Funky Fuchsia, Berry Blush, Muted Mauve, Tangy Tangerine and Ballet Slippers.

We are working on swatching all these glossy glosses, but up first are the Pinks!

What the colours looks like
 You can see some of the glosses are more sheer and some more opaque, but they're all very pigmented and comes out really well.
Pink Glossy Gloss Hand Swatches from L to R: Wild Watermelon, Pink Candy, Sweet Salmon and Dragonfruit.
 What the colours looks like on

Wild Watermelon

This is very lovely pink with coral tones in it. It's very wearable as are all the other shades because they are creme finish glosses with no shimmer but very glossy! Wild Watermelon is very pretty and probably one of the most flattering pinks for all skin tones in the range even though it is very bright.

Pink Candy

Pink Candy as the name suggests is a sweet candy pink, to me it looked like it was going to be quite sheer on, but actually when worn it comes out quite opaque, and the colour really comes out. It would be perfect on its own or over a creme lip stick for a nude lip look!.

Sweet Salmon

Sweet Salmon is super glossy and the peach tones in the gloss really enhances the lips natural colour and just gave the lips a really healthy and plump look. Definitely a must have this one! It would look great teamed with a black smokey eye!


This one is a dialed down version of Wild Watermelon, it has the same coral tones, however its a lot more muted and sheer which makes it a lot easier to wear. It's a very pretty colour which looks fantastic for every day wear.

So what do you think? We hope you like them. Tomorrow we will be uploading the Rouge and Nude Shades so please check back later! :O)

If you cant wait to get your hands on one of these then please visit the Elf Online Shop now!

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e.l.f x


  1. I was just wondering how the colors look, as I was updating my wishlist :D

    (On other note, I'd suggest you leave the terrible editing of the pictures alone..)

  2. Hi Marika, thanks for commenting. Have you included any Glossy Glosses in your wish list? :o)

    Thanks for the feedback also, and sorry about the editing, its really hard to capture the true colour of the glosses on a camera without adjusting it to match the real thing, but we hoped the editing has helped to achieve a representable match to what it looks like on the lips :) We did ask around the office and the girls seemed to agree, even though the colour of the photos may look different, we were more focused on getting the colour on the lips right! Hope this helps! :o)

  3. Thanks for posting! Looking forward for the other swatches :)

  4. Very helpful swatches, Wild Watermelon is so pretty :) x

  5. seems like a very poor quality. They look quite watery


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