Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beauty on the go: Volume one - Shopping Spree

Hi guys! After our very successful 6togo promo last week we thought it would be a great idea to share with you 6 fantastic looks we created with this nifty Beauty on the go palette. We had lots of fun coming up with some new looks, the only problem was picking just 6 looks to share with you all! There are so many colours and combos- the possibilities are endless! But first up is the subtle make up look- perfect for a shopping spree with the girls.

The Shopping Look

We used Palette no. 6 in the collection for this look, the range of nude shades was perfect for creating a natural but polished look. Check out our attempt on Adele who kindly volunteered to be our model for this feature!

The Before look:

and after...

Colours used 


Highlight: Swatch 1

Lid: Swatch 6

Corners: Swatch 10

Swatch 12  

Cheeks: Swatch 13

Recreate our Shopping Spree Look:

First apply your selected eye shadow as a base all over the lid, we used swatch no. 6, which is a subtle, bronze, colour with a hint of shimmer.

Next select a darker shade to contour the eyelid area and give definition to the eyes. We used swatch no. 10 which is a matte brown, perfect for contouring. Apply the eye shadow along the socket line blending it out to the outer corners of the eye.

To give your eyes extra pop, try using a light, natural colour to highlight the eyes. We used swatch no. 1 which is a delicate cream shade with a slight sheer undertone. Apply the highlight above the crease line, and blend up into the brown bone for a wide and bright, eyed look.

If you like you can then line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner for a more defined look. Then apply your usual mascara to complete your natural makeup eyes look.

Now you're almost done! Just finish with a sweep of bronze cheek colour over the apples of your cheeks with a large powder brush for a healthy and radiant glow and a slick of lipgloss, we used swatch 12, which is a lovely sheer, mauve shade which looks amazing with the eyeshadow!

We hope you liked this natural make up look! and we would love to know how you would use this palette? We would love hear your ideas- all comments welcome! 

e.l.f x

Stay tuned for our next beauty to go look!


  1. Please go easy with the image editing. That colour effect might look cool but make up pictures should be informative. I'm quite sure that's not what it looks like in real life!

  2. Thank you for your comment. The filter we use on the images is only applied to the edges. We use minimal editing to ensure that the colour and look presented are a true representation of the product. We sometimes increase the vibrancy of an image to counter act the 'wash out' effect caused by the flash. :0)

  3. I love elf products, but this look is really messy.. Maybe it's about the lightning, maybe not. Eitherway it does not look professional.. :o


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