Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Are you on Pinterest? Learn how with e.l.f Cosmetics

Hi Guys!

At e.l.f HQ we are currently working on a pinterest account to include swatches, and true to life images of products to help you all get the best impression of each of our products to help with your purchase! 

Pinterest is simply a virtual pinboard or noticeboard where you can 'pin' images and videos from webpages or your personal collection which can be anything which inspire you, something you like or enjoy, or simply something which makes you laugh.

You may have already noticed we have added a 'Pin it' button to all our products on the website, you can now add all your e.l.f favourites to your boards!


Share your likes with your friends and create your very own range of virtual mood boards to share with your friends and the world, or keep to yourself as your little source of inspiration. 

How could you use Pinterest?

Like, e.l.f you could store all your favourite products and inspirational images to individal boards to share...Check out e.l.f's boards

How do you pin?

There are a few different ways to pin, one of the most popular is to 'repin' if your crusing around Pinterest and something particularly grabs your attention you can 'repin' to share with your friends. So when you see one of e.l.f's hottest new products simply click 'repin' and pin them to any of your boards. You can also 'Like' an image or video.

You can find 'Pin' buttons available on all products on, if you wish to pin and products to your pinterest boards simply, click 'Pin'.


Simply select one your boards that you would like the image to appear on, type in a description and voila - you have pinned!

This is the first blog in a series of many where we will introduce you to pinterest and how you can create amazing boards including your favourite products and this season must have looks! Don't forget to check out and follow e.l.f's pinterest and of course enter #eyeslipsface on any e.l.f pins so we can see :0)

Please let us know if theres anything in particular you'd like to know about pinterest - we're more than happy to help!

Hope you've found this post 'pinteresting' (couldnt resist!)

Happy Pinning everyone!

Amy x


  1. oh i love pintrest, think i'll start my ELF board now xx

    1. Great news Gem! Cant wait to see them!:)


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