Friday, 2 March 2012

e.l.f Cosmetics NYNY Challenge no. 5: On Trend Brows

Hi Guys!

Its time to reveal the 5th NYNY Challenge!

Eyebrows are one of the key trends for Spring/Summer 2012, and this season the common theme seems to be bigger the better!

One of the key beauty focuses during the Spring/Summer 11/12 Shows were eyebrows. Makeup artists put away their tweezers and allowed the models to don the fuller brow for this seasons hottest trend. Messy Brows (But not too messy) will be all the rage in the next few weeks! Hurrah! 

Whats your take on this trend? will you be following suit? We would love to see your attempts regardless!

SO.. We hereby Challenge you all to ditch your tweezers and try out this trend! Show us your attempts by posting your photos to the e.l.f Facebook Page and let us all see you embracing this onward trend!

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  1. nice but a bit too much on the 2nd blonde girl

  2. Oh sweet eyebrows I dun think I would dare to not use my tweezer haha

  3. Erm...? I think I'll give this trend a miss!!

  4. i think it looks quite ridiculous on most people, i can understand a natural brow look but this is too artificial looking, and dont reaaly like a beauty trend called the scouse brow :-), if i get bored i might try it on the weekend as have done every other challenge so far, but have to say not a fan

  5. I love it when this trend comes around- my eyebrows have a great natural shape, so I have been reluctant to make them slimmer to fit trends over the years, I just tidy them every few weeks. Definitely going to give this challenge a try!

  6. Horrible trend! I cant respect people that only do things because it's a "trend"!
    But if you wanna look like an idiot - go ahead!

  7. ha and I just ordered 2 tweezers!!!


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