Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Product of the Week: e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour

Spring time is the favourite season in the e.l.f office for make up experimentation because it is the ideal time to try lots of different colours!

We've been visiting the e.l.f stock cupboard today for some bright ideas for Spring Time and we've reacquainted ourselves with the e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour quads! Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your daily Makeup routine!

e.l.f Brightening Eye Colours from L to R: Ocean Dream, Teal Dream, Punk Funk and Natural Nymph.

Check out our swatches below:

e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour:Natural Nymph Swatches

e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour: Ocean Dream Swatches
e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour:Punk Funk
e.l.f Brightening Eye Colour: Teal Dream 

These colours are so much fun to work with! Wear them as an eyeshadow or for a more trendy look try mixing the colours with Makeup Lock and Seal to create a bright eyeliner! Stunning!

The Brightening Eye Colours are available in a range of colours and they are all just £1.50 from

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoy our Product of the Week! What do you think our next Product of the week should be? 
Please leave comments to vote for your fave! We'll pick one to feature next week :)

Kamen x


  1. Jordana Vasconcelos28 March 2012 at 12:13

    Natural Nymph :) love the colours!

  2. Punk Funk is my favorite, that gorgerous purple one <3

  3. Thanks,Kamen! :)

  4. Love punk funk, some really pretty colours in that set x

  5. Francesca Caleffi28 March 2012 at 19:09

    Ocean dream...I LOVE blue make-up!!!I'll buy it with my next order (Oh god, I have almost 1000 eye colours...I have to stop buying eheh)!Thanks Kamen, your articles are always good to read :)

    1. Hi Francesca, Thanks so much for your kind comment! I'm really glad you find my posts a good read! I love great feedback like this! Make my job so much more enjoyable, even more so than it already is hehe!


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