Thursday, 15 March 2012

New in stock at elf cosmetics: New and Juicy Studio Lipbalms for Spring/Summer 2012

Hi guys,

We hope you've been updating your wishlists because the long awaited new stock is finally here! The Distribeauty team has been hard at work Spring/cleaning the warehouse in preparation!

Whilst the guys stacking and shelving all the goodies I thought I'd give you some sneaky peaks of the new stuff!

Now we’ve got lots of exciting new things plus a massive restock of the all time favourites, but the one thing that we’re all super excited about are these gorgeous Studio Lipbalms!

 These are a refreshed and renewed version of the original and classic Studio lipbalm! The same amazing moisturizing formula but now in 5 juicy new colours!

The new Studio Lipbalms in 5 juicey Shades! from the top L to R: Plum, Nude, Pink, Peach and Red.
Each lipbalm helps to relieve and hydrate any dryness & the minty sensation gives a cooling effect - perfect for soothing sore lips! Plus the lipbalm contains a SPF 15 to help protect you from sun damage! :)

I love the cute packaging on these soo cute! , it even tells you what colours they are on the casing! :O
The Lipbalms are available now for £3.50 from
Please look out for all the other new items in the "Whats New" Section on the site!

Please also look out for out video demonstration coming soon!

Thanks for reading guys! Ciao for Now!

Kamen x


  1. Uuh soon I'm broke, by all these elf products buy (:
    buut... I am definitely going to buy these ;)

  2. Desperately after the red one, it's gorgeous and I have now worked out that tinted lip balms are for me, as opposed to strong lipsticks. Saving up for an ELF order come payday!

  3. I think an elf order is waaaay overdue for me! you have so many great new products out that it may end up costing me quite a fair bit! uh-oh lol

    xoxox - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  4. Can't wait to try these! xxx


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