Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Favourites: e.l.f Studio Lip Conditioning Lip Balm Giveaway

Hello guys

Are you all ready for the next Friday Favourites Giveaway?

This week we will be giving away a pot of the gorgeous Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink!

Pamper your lips with this divine pot of lip heaven! The e.l.f Studio Conditioning Lip Balm contains natural ingredients to help condition dry, chapped lips and will also protect them from sun damage with an SPF 15. It comes in a range of delicious and sheer, colour's and this week you can win one in Peaceful Pink which is a pretty pink shade perfect for Spring/Summer!

To be in for chance to win all you have to do is Like, Share, Retweet this post using the buttons below, and also leave us a comment in the box below to tell us what why we should pick you, and as usual we will be picking the winner on Monday!
Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!


  1. Elf conditioning lip balm is one of my must-have handbag products. My lips are in need of some conditioning and love after a week of windy weather and multiple sport matches in horrid conditions! x

  2. I'd love to win this lip balm because my lips tend to be very dry all year long, they chap and crack and they look like zombie lips! So I could really use some moisturizing, colored lip balm like this one! Come on, pick me!! Please!!!! :)

  3. I'd love to win this because my lips are so dry at the minute, so this would really help soothe them!!

  4. Hello and thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Who wouldn't want to win this small pot so full of advantages.....conditions lips, with spf and a beautiful pink colour appropriate to make our Spring Days!!!! It makes me wanna smile..... Good Luck to all <3

  5. I would really like to win this competition because the conditioning lipbalm from E.L.F is tinted and as I have heard previously from some friends, it is quite decently pigmented.

    My lips are very chapped at the moment due to the northern European cold climate. I always have to cover up my lips with lipbalm, and lipstick tends to take the moisture away. I cannot be bothered to reapply the combination of lipbalm and lipstick every given hour. This is where the conditioning balm would come in handy, it gives a 2 in 1 effect of both lipbalm and liptint.

    Thank you e.l.f. for providing me with numerous amount of collection and freebies all this time. I can't be more grateful :)

  6. I would love to win this lip balm because my lips are very dry at this time. I'd like to win because this color is beautiful and suitable for spring. I love Elf!

  7. Hi!

    Would love to win this!

    Thanks !! :)

  8. I'd love to win this balm because on 20 march is my Birthday and this is the right gift and also on 21 March is Spring and this is the right color!

  9. hey, i love elf products so i would like to try lip balm among everything else :) i dont really use lip balm from elf - i have lipsticks and glosses so it would be cool to try everything from your brand :) i do use lip balm everyday before going to bed or when i dont want to use too much make up - colored lip balms are great at times like that. <3

  10. The colour is gorgeous!!!!!
    I adore elf and as a mum of 2 its a luxury for me to be able to treat myself and not feel guilty.
    I'd love to win this because my lips always like to crack & it would be a perfect must-have to take everywhere with me :) xx

  11. I'd like to try it because i haven't yet

  12. I would like to try the e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm, reading e.l.f. blog with all the details information about the products which I think is very helpful before purchasing it. I like the lip balm which is made with natural ingredients with SPF 15 to protect my lips, make my lips moisturize & soft. It's very thoughtful to have the products in different shades which also helps to mix & match with my everyday make up. Personally, I think Peaceful Pink is suitable for everybody and it's perfect to wear at any time! :)

  13. I love lip balms,i can't get get enough of them.
    It is very important for me to have hydrated and nice lips.
    It is a must have!

    GFC: ShiningLittle Star

  14. I love ELF products, never tried lip balm yet, I think this would be the perfect chance! ;)
    Hope it will be lucky to me!
    shared on Facebook and twitter.
    mail address: alelale at live dot com

    thanks so much :)

  15. First off Thank you for the giveaway.
    Second I would like to win because the color is great, and because my lips are generally dry and this product would help!
    Lastly I would like to win for the simple fact that your products are great!

  16. I'd like to try it because i haven't yet
    GFC: lebi
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    TW: @Lebi85

  17. I like elf
    gfc mbilla82

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  19. I'd love to win this pretty pink lip balm to doll up myself perfect for Spring and thereby make a elf diva out of myself...
    I wanna become a Pretty lady with perfect pink lips for this fabulous Spring Season
    I wanna bloom like a butterfly and spread the joy of ELF everywhere in this Cheltenham:)

    Facebook:Renji Anooj
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    google plus:renji bala

  20. I'm in love for E.l.f! I'd like to try it because i haven't yet! ^_^
    FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
    GFC: floryfrancy
    Twitter: PiccolaFlo_82
    Finger crossed! ;)

  21. elf lipbalms are a must in my purse, I'm prone to small fevers which make my already dry lips even worse and found elf to have the most moisturizing and best spf sensitive balms that just work the best for me, unfortunately this also means I need to re-stock a lot- thankfully elfs' high quality comes with a small price tag and fast shipping so I never have to worry. That's why elf is my favorite brand. I hope to win though, I am running out of balm!

    Facebook: Raquel Coelho
    Twitter: @Rach_Hallow

  22. Annika Nilsson9 March 2012 at 14:53

    i would love to try this one out, havent, tryed studio lipbalm but im in love with the regular lines lipbalms......

  23. My lips are always chapped, and this is the one thing that really works!

  24. I would love to win because I never try this lip balm. I love colored lip balm because I can use it instead lipstick

  25. i think you should pick me as i'd love to try it, ive made sooo many people start ordering off elf and always say how AMAZING it is, so please pick me, i would loveee to win something as i always enter but never win, but hay ho good luck to everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee :D

  26. I <3 E.L.F.! I'm lov'n the new spring look and would love to add a bright pink to my color pallet.

  27. i love e.l.f!!!!!!!!!!!! ** **
    * * *
    * *

  28. I love e.l.f lip products and I think the colour of this is amazing. I have been favouring orangey shades this season up to now, bar my Moisturising Lip Tint in Blush, which, if it was a person I would marry. I nearly had a panic attack when I thought I had lost it the other day! Anyway, that aside, this colour looks perfect for the (hopefully) more sunny weather and would look great to brighten up a neutral eye look! xx

  29. I would like to win this because: I rock in pink! =P

  30. I would love to win this lip balm, the colour looks gorgeous and I've wanted one for ages! It would also look great for summer :)

  31. I should win this because you've just described my lips. It's not very nice feeling when your lips are dry and somehow cracked.. love this color, and I want to try this so much and have beautiful lips again so I can again seduce my husy! :)

  32. I'd love to win this because my lips are so dry and i did't find no way to make them better and somehow cracked. :((
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  33. Mi piacerebbe vincere questo perchè è un colore fantastico
    GFC: s.brandolone



    THANK YOU (:

  35. Hi e.l.f ... thanks for the massive giveaway. The conditioning lib palm are a perfect mix between a normal lip balm and a fantastic lip gloss... love how it looks on the lips (have seen reviews on the product) but I've never bought them. But I'd love to try the balm.

    Thanks again .. <3 E.L.F

    Claudia S.

  36. i sooo want this coz i am a mom to be and my lips are super dry so i desperately need some special care :)

  37. because I'm seiously addicted, both to Lip Balms and to ELF xD

  38. I would love to try out this lip balm since my lips are dried and chapped all the time, especially in winter...And of course I have never tried a lip balm such as this, with color added in it, which I believe would look and feel perfect!! Thank you E.L.F.!

    GFC: Domniki Chatzaki
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    Twitter: @Menia_Chatzaki

  39. I really would like to try this lip balm. I have tried many of the other lip balm from ELF, but I really excited over this one.

  40. I need a little 'Peace' and 'Pink' in my life! And a little bit of Elf.
    I have heard so much about the products, and would love to try this much talked about product myself.
    I love trying new products. And what girl doesn't like pink? I have also developed very dry lips the past week,and I'm sure this would just smooth and soothe them back to a pink peacefulness.....
    R x
    Facebook. Ruth Elizabeth Mainwaring
    Twitter retweet.!/rutheblogger/status/178205626437091328

  41. I love elf product *___* i hope random choose me <3 <3 *___*

    FB: LiLy InWonderland
    Twitter: @LisaCipollone

  42. I LOVE ELF ...
    fb angela rizzo

  43. because I like the colour and I would like to try elf product

  44. i like elf
    great giveaway

    liked and shared!/profile.php?id=100000538226239

    fb carmen rossi
    gfc jasminem2004

  45. I think you should choose me lips are really dry, I cant order, and my lips are really sore :(

    Facebook- Charlotte Lawrence
    Twitter- @Lottie_Loves1D (Used to be @TomlinsonLottie)

  46. Hi,enter me!Shared on :!/profile.php?id=100003275705680
    I hope to win because I love lipbalm and I need it everyday!I like ELF,it so cute!!!
    GFC/FB:Chicca Tamburrino

  47. Wow great giveaway. I would love to win this as the color is gorgeous and I have 2 of these and love them so much. They smell amazing and look great on. I also love e.l.f its my favourite makeup company and would love to have more from them :) THANX

  48. My lips are quite chapped because it has been quite cold here in Finland. That's why this would be perfect for me :)

  49. I live in Sweden, and we still have snow here so it's pretty cold xD My lips are superchapped, all year around, and they starts to bleed often because of that. I really need a lipbalm that can take care of my dry lips, and I just can't say no to pink :)

  50. I've retweeted it :)

    I would absolutely love to win this product, as I suffer from very dry, chapped lips. I can't wear lipstick because they're so chapped and no lip balms I can find seem to help. The only thing I've ever had that's helped them in any way is the theraputic conditioning lip balm from elf. Unfortunately I lost mine though :( But I've heard amazing things about the studio balm, I need to try it!! Pink is my favourite colour to wear on my lips too. I've also heard of people putting a bit of this balm on their cheeks as a blush, which i would love to try!


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